Did you know that there are more bird species in Costa Rica than in the entire United States and Canada combined?

It has been frequently said that Costa Rica is "nature's treasure chest of birds", this surely is no exaggeration but it is the pursuit of the more elusive birdwatcher's dream, like the Great Tinamou, Rufous Mot-mot, Slaty-backed Forest Falcon, Coppery-headed Emerald, Mangrove Hummingbird, Ocellated Ant-bird and even the Resplendent Quetzal - a bird endemic to Central America, considered sacred by the ancient Mayan civilization - which with patience and good fortune, can turn a birding trip to Costa Rica into an experience of a lifetime.

Costa Rica is home to over 850 bird species...
all within a country the size of Wales!

The potential that this country has for bird-watching and wildlife observation is simply enormous, being described by many Ornithologists as matchless anywhere else on earth given the diversity of species vs. the density of wildlife per square kilometre.