Costa Rica is the ideal background for science tours, study of agro-ecotourism and general student travel, allowing pupils to have an interactive experience whilst learning about the ecosystem, the wildlife and the fragile balance of the habitats in the tropics.

The choice of activities featured during these trips is varied and generally includes fieldwork at key reserves and volunteering at national parks on specific projects (e.g. monitoring the behavioural patters of scarlet Macaws, looking after Turtle nestling sites or collecting data for fellow researchers and biologists).

Workshops, lectures and basic Spanish classes may be built into these programmes to complement the field work with the various organizations and locations visited.

These trips result in a rewarding experience for both locals and visiting students; also carry an added benefit to the host country - this not only through the work done by students, but also as a result of the economical support from participating fees payable to these conservation organizations, which help support and sponsor specific research projects and efforts in their own Conservation fields.