For many years, prestigious international organizations and government bodies have selected Costa Rica as the site of summits, conventions, seminars and other meetings.

The reasons have been our central location in the hemisphere, our reputation as a peaceful democracy with a policy of neutrality, our educated populace and the availability of up-to-date technology.

With the unprecedented growth in tourism over the past twelve years, Costa Rica has become an even more desirable choice for Incentive Houses from all over the world.

Several major airlines offer daily flights from gateway cities with direct connections to North American networks and there is an extra benefit to companies and organizations from the U.S.A., the major expenses are tax-deductible when Costa Rica is the venue of a meeting.

The number and variety of lodging options has greatly increased and the range of choices for dining, giveaways, theme parties; off-property events, outdoor activities and attractions is second to none.

At Costa Rica Reps, our aim is to work alongside and make your clients and their employee's dreams a reality in this unique exotic setting.

If there is a product or specific Incentive package you would like us to produce, arrange and operate for your company, then just contact us and we will be certain to meet your specific requirements.