Nicaragua is Central America's largest country and has the lowest population density... blessed with unspoilt Caribbean and Pacific coasts with sunny and deserted white-sand beaches, over 63 volcanoes running across its mountainous spine, picturesque villages and colonial towns; archaeological treasures, natural wonders and huge lakes and lagoons.

The reasons have been our central location in the hemisphere, our reputation as a peaceful democracy with a policy of neutrality, our educated populace and the availability of up-to-date technology.

Lake Nicaragua is the largest in Central America, tenth biggest in the world and home to the only fresh water sharks on earth and shelter of hundreds of small volcanic islands including the largest lacustrine island on the planet, which also happens to be created from two incredibly awesome volcanoes.

A rich colonial heritage including recent discovery of remains from the Nacarao culture combined with the thriving Miskito Indians communities makes Nicaragua a land with an incredible culture.

San Juan River basin and the 640,000-acre Rio Indio-Maiz Biological Reserve in southeastern Nicaragua is the largest river basin and lowland tropical rainforest north of the Amazon.

This Central American nation is definitely an ideal destination for those travellers seeking hidden gems and land doted with a unique and exuberant nature as well as true and uncompromised people holding a warm and vibrant culture which will enchant travellers and make them to leave wanting to come back.